Overcoming Severe Anxiety Before Surgery

friend and co-worker recently had surgery, and even though the procedure went well, he suffered with severe anxiety before the surgery, and had a great deal of trouble overcoming the anxiety and worry that sometimes comes up in these situations.

Research has shown that stress and anxiety can be hard on our physical condition, and even slow the healing process after surgery. That’s why it is so important to overcome surgical anxiety–to nip it in the bud, before it becomes severe and begins to have a detrimental effect on your immune system.

People who have never had anxiety a day in their life can become worried and tense before surgery–so there is no need to assume that you have an “anxiety disorder” necessarily in these situations. Still, the way to overcome pre-op stress and anxiety is to use the exact same tools and resources designed for chronic anxiety problems. Breathing exercises and controlled relaxation techniques (many of which are available in The EasyCalm Anxiety program) are often recommended when experiencing anxiety before surgery.

The important point is to be PRO ACTIVE. Don’t wait until your anxiety becomes severe to take action. Began using anxiety-reduction techniques on a daily basis to “head off” the problem, before it becomes severe. And don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about anxiety before surgery. It is a common problem, and your doctor may be able to offer specific advice to help you stay emotionally (as well as physically) healthy in the run up to your procedure.

Overcoming severe anxiety before surgery is not necessarily difficult. Relaxation exercises and de-stressing techniques can work wonders–just remember to be consistent and pro-active in your efforts.

Jon Mercer, MA
Personal Development Coach
Anxiety Treatment
Managing Director, Youniverse LLC

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